If ever a photo summed up modern day fatherhood, it would be this:

IMG_9095 [415020]


After arriving home after a somewhat stressful Christmas, we sat down to watch The Bridge. I opened BBC iPlayer and saw, within the recent searches, the sheer desperation of a father / secondary child carer. And I couldn’t stop laughing.

Hubby looked hurt and asked “What? You mean it’s never been on the BBC? Not ever?”.

I could picture R giving her daddy the run around, screaming for Peppa Pig and daddy desperately searching, muttering under his breath “where the f*ck does one find Peppa f*cking Pig?”.

To be honest, he was probably more embarrassed about being caught out; he doesn’t believe in placating children with the TV…. until he’s left in charge for more than an hour. And there it was, in black and white; a mistake only he could have made…

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