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Autumn is over… (Part I)

… My parka is out. The Christmas tree is up. I declare Autumn over.

It’s been quite a busy time my household. Ramona is growing and I am growing as a parent. As a mother. I hope…

Here is my seasonal round-up.

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Feeling Autumnal…

Autumn truly is a beautiful time of year. Besides the cliche about the wonderful mixture of warm colours – oranges, browns and mustard yellows – the light at this time of year is exceptional.

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Fear of Flying

It’s 01:30 and I’m wide awake. Not because I’m not tired (I have a toddler. I will be tired from now until eternity), but because my brain won’t switch off. My brain won’t switch off because it’s contemplating the short flight I’ll have to endure with my family for our impending holidays.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown. And more than that, it’s been a while since I’ve flown with my husband who is also a terrible flyer. And of course, we’ve never flown with our ‘energetic’ 15 month old daughter.

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Wilco @ Royal Festival Hall

Read the review of Wilco @ The Royal Festival Hall here

I was lucky enough to photograph and review one of my favourite bands once…

It’s asparagus season!

North London, Turnpike Lane: although rough around the edges, the area is a gem for reasonably priced fresh fruit and veg. This lovely bunch of asparagus cost me £1.39. A bargain when you consider the measley quantities given in Sainsbury’s or Tesco for almost double the price.

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